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  1. in the file.
    True, a layer does not save the text itself, but does save the shape of the text in the image. And, when this layer is merged with other ones, that information is saved too. For instance, if you have one layer with the text you want to keep editable, and a second one with the text you want to hide, merging them will in no way affect the original text layer. You will be able to edit it only when the layer is open

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  2. SparkyLab is an easy-to-use and relatively fast Java applet, with an array-based goal model. The user can change the appearance and functioning parameters of the model via a set of buttons that slide in from the left side of the main display. The user can modify and/or refresh the model as many times as is required.

    Wake up your sleep. Enguage your imagination. Play with your invention! The Night Vision Puzzle Game combines the

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  3. This is important to keep in mind, because sometimes your system’s firewall may decide to block a request, because the source IP is invalid.

    Bug Reports:

    – Some people seem to be affected by an autoprivacy option named “do not show the whois flag.” It might make it slower to connect, but if you turn it off, people can see your ISP and your external IP from your whois record.

    – Some people have had problems reaching the host

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  4. SoftPerfect ImageOptim is a tool that optimizes images or entire folders for fast downloading and easy viewing on the web. The program is pretty efficient, but the real story is that it can be used to optimize your images without sacrificing quality. For those of you who want to include a USB thumb drive, this is also a good way to optimize your images.
    Optimized images
    With ImageOptim you can’t only optimize your images and web content. You can also reduce

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