To our Valued Guests

Since reopening in May 2020 our amazing team have been working hard, cleaning, sanitizing, wearing PPE everyday, all day… We have spent time refreshing and reorganizing the whole Salon and Spa so that it is totally hygienic, clean, and fresh. We do this to create a safe & comfortable environment for our fabulous clients. We love seeing how happy and comfortable all our guests feel !!

We miss everyone that has not returned yet and look forward to seeing you again very soon when you are ready.  We know you will feel safe and comfortable when you come in to visit us again.

First and foremost we are very grateful for your continued support. 

PLEASE take a moment to read these guidelines so that you are completely clear about bookings and our new safety protocols.

We all need to work together to make this successful, and you are a huge part of that.  All of our staff know all the rules and regulations of proper sanitation and safety protocol. All of our staff will be receiving the vaccine shot. 

This is a list of all of the things that we’d like you to do to help all of us get through these times.


Please call the salon to book your appointment.  To ensure that we practice the social distancing we are limited to the amount of staff and clients so some of the service providers schedules have changed. 

We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

If the lines are busy please leave a message. One of our receptionists will get back to you as soon as possible. 


*Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your appointment and upon arrival please call our receptionist to let them know you are here. We will then call you in from your car to let you know we are ready. 

*Don’t bring extra bags or any personal effects into the salon, if you need to, we will provide a bag for you to place your belongings in, we also have a coat rack located in 2 areas of the salon with plastic drycleaning bags to hang up your coats for those rainy and cold days.

*Come alone. We are on a strict number limitation guideline and any extra people could potentially put us over our limit. If you bring someone they will not be allowed to stay in the salon. This means your children, extra family members, or friends.

*Please sanitize as soon as you enter. There will be hand sanitizer available by the front door, reception desk and throughout the salon and spa. 

*We will have a few questions for you to answer prior to any services.

-If you feel unwell; have recently travelled or have been with anyone that has recently travelled or been sick we ask that you reschedule following your recovery or required isolation time.


*Stylists will be wearing masks at ALL times. 

*At this time we require you to wear a loop mask that clasps behind your ears (if you do not have one we have them available for $2.

*We will not be able to offer you coffee or tea drinks or any other refreshments.

Please do not bring in any food. If you bring a beverage it MUST have a lid and leave with you.

*We will not be able to have magazines available for you to read.

*Gloves will be worn at the shampoo basins

*The shampoo basins and hair dryer chairs will be disinfected after each usage.

*Conversation when you are having your hair washed we will need to restrict it to avoid any chance of air contamination between you and your stylist. 

*Most Stylists will be wearing Smocks /aprons.

*Cutting/color capes and towels will be laundered after every use.

*All stations and chairs will be disinfected before and after your service.

*All combs and brushes used per client will be disinfected with Barbacide.

*There is plexiglass installed at the manicure/ nail table for protection as we are not able to follow the social distancing protocols.

*All implements will be disinfected with 70% Isopropyl alcohol and barbicide.


*Credit card /debit payments will be preferred, cash payment is available. We have had a plexiglass installed for protection for the receptionist and yourself.

Because of these changes, your appointment may not feel like what you’re normally accustomed too. Angelo’s Salon and Spa has always taken pride in the health and safety of our clients, our team and commitment to our community. 

Thank you for all your patience and understanding.

Looking forward to pampering and serving you again soon.

Angelo’s Salon and Spa Team