Soothe away your tension and worries with our relaxing massages.

  • Aromatherapy Body Massage Rejuvenate your mind and body with natural essences and oils which are specially selected to enhance the effects of a soothing head to toe muscle lengthening massage. Feel your life's stresses gently drift away.
  • 30 mins $50 and up
  • 60 mins $95 and up
  • Relaxation Treatment A massage specialist will calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension while promoting the elimination of congestion and toxicity in muscle tissues.
  • 30 mins $48 and up
  • 60 mins $90 and up
  • Warm Stone Therapy Everyone needs something extraordinary and our warm stone therapy gives you the benefits of a full body relaxation massage with the added bonus of the penetrating warmth of heating smooth stones applied to certain pressure points on your body.
  • 80 mins $140 and up
  • Chair Massage Chair Massage
  • Price $2/min and up
  • Swedish Massage Swedish Massage
  • 60 mins $99 and up